Amount over the hammer price that is paid as part of the total purchase price that will be 20% which Lart23Tres will donate to the non-profit ORGANIZATION that we wish to support.

The offers that translate into final sales follow the following graph:

to. If payments are made through American Express or any other credit card, 4.95% will be added to the total.

b. Commission sales tax (20%).

c. When acquiring the purchase commitment, you must make the payment of the work, it is important to inform you that when your total payment is generated, the acquired work, certificate and existing documentation will be delivered to you by the previous owner, at the LART23TRES offices. (By appointment 5280 5298,

d. Returned checks will incur a 20% charge on the total price.

and. The work will be transported by the buyer.

F. Purchases of less than $ 10,000 (ten thousand pesos) plus the auction commission and the corresponding sales tax for the use of credit cards, will be charged the same day of purchase.

g. To request a 100% tax deductible RECEIPT from the FOUNDATION OR ORG OR HOST for your company at the time of payment. You must have your “Federal Register of causes.” There will be no changes to receipts.