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At an auction you enter the world of auctions, where you can find antiques, modern and contemporary art, jewelry, books, furniture and more. Some people consider an auction to be a complicated process from Surprise – buying at an auction is simple, requiring neither prior registration nor invitation. You just have to go, enjoy and take home what you like. Here are some tips for enjoying your first auction.

How does an auction work?

The auctioneer presides over the auction by initiating the sale of a lot indicating the No. and description of the work and initiating the bid that a potential buyer indicates to the auctioneer to be awarded the lot.

Once the first bid is made, other participants will place higher bids. Increasing the bid, the auctioneer will request bids approximately 10% higher than the previous one. Bidders can be present in the auction room, participate by phone, or in writing.

Written bidding is the bidding method for those who are unable or unwilling to attend and do so by filling out and submitting a written bid form.

The auctioneer will also place bids on behalf of absent bidders, finally determining when a higher bid has been made. The auctioneer will give notice that the auction of the lot is about to close by giving one last chance to increase the bid. If no subsequent bid is made the auctioneer will hit the hammer and say “sold” and the sale will have been made.

If the Lot does not reach any bid, the auctioneer will say “let’s go to the next one”.

Buyer’s Premium

Amount over the hammer price that is paid as part of the total purchase price that will be 20% which Lart23Tres will donate to the non-profit ORGANIZATION that we wish to support.

The offers that translate into final sales follow the following graph:

to. If payments are made through American Express or any other credit card, 4.95% will be added to the total.

b. Commission sales tax (20%).

c. When acquiring the purchase commitment, you must make the payment of the work, it is important to inform you that when your total payment is generated, the acquired work, certificate and existing documentation will be delivered to you by the previous owner, at the LART23TRES offices. (By appointment 5280 5298,

d. Returned checks will incur a 20% charge on the total price.

and. The work will be transported by the buyer.

F. Purchases of less than $ 10,000 (ten thousand pesos) plus the auction commission and the corresponding sales tax for the use of credit cards, will be charged the same day of purchase.

g. To request a 100% tax deductible RECEIPT from the FOUNDATION OR ORG OR HOST for your company at the time of payment. You must have your “Federal Register of causes.” There will be no changes to receipts.

Is the auction open to the public?

Yes, it is free and open to the public. You are welcome uninvited, even if you are not sure that you are going to buy a lot. (A lot is any piece or group of pieces for auction. Many are numbered and appear in their corresponding catalog.

What should I do before the auction?

You can make an appointment to see the lots that are going to be auctioned. On the day of the auction you will be registered and given a numbered pallet to bid on a lot. Upon registration, you will be asked for your name, address and security deposit for your purchase (cash, check, credit card).

What do the estimated prices mean in the catalog?

Each lot in the catalog is given a low and high estimate, indicating that a prospective buyer has a range in which the lot could sell at auction. Where possible, estimates have been calculated from previous auctions of comparable piece

How does an auction work?

When the chosen lot appears, lift the pallet when the auctioneer announces a price you accept. The auctioneer will continue to raise the price as long as there are people bidding for the same lot. The last bid announced will be the accepted sale price when indicated by the auctioneer’s hammer drop. This final price, plus a 20% premium plus a sales tax (20% premium) is what you will pay for your luck, this 20% goes directly to the non-profit organization that we wish to support at that time .

Can I bid without going to the auction?

Yes. There are three easy ways to handle absentee bidding:

• In writing. Send a signed letterhead or fill out an absent bid form, indicating lot (s), number (s) and the highest bid (s), a LART23TRES representative will make a bid for you.

• By phone. Send a letterhead and signed before the auction, choose the lot (s) you want to bid on. When your lot appears, a representative will call you and take your bid (s) to the auction house.

• By Internet. ()

Our digital catalogs are downloaded in pdf to your desktop and contain lot descriptions, photographs, auction estimates and show dates, schedules, instructions, and absent bid forms. If you wish to receive continuous information about our auctions, send us an e-mail to: